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Google Doppelganger

19 Apr

Google Doppelganger: When a person Google’s his or her name and finds another individual with the same name.

Have you ever checked out your Google Doppelganger? Sometimes people have horrifying results such as a drug dealers or prostitutes. Today, I have come across my Google Doppelganger. Her name is also Samantha Grossman (obviously)  and we have been sharing the first page of Google.

Surprisingly enough, we are both very similar:

  • We are both seniors in college who will be graduating next month
  • We both work for websites
  • We are both majoring in communications — I am Advertising and she is Journalism
  • We have similar twitter handles — I am @samgrossman_ and she is @sam_grossman

So, thank you Samantha Grossman. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Google Doppelganger!


Using Pinterest to Promote Your Brand!

26 Feb

Yes, Pinterest is a great way to shop online, discover cool DIY projects, and plan your ideal wedding… but what many people don’t realize is that Pinterest can be much more than that.

Why not create a pinterest board about you?

I decided to do just that, and create a Pinterest board called Samantha Grossman. It’s still a work in progress, but so far I have pinned some of the my graphic work as well as a QR code with my contact information. This is a fun and creative way to express yourself through social media.

Some other ideas of what you can pin on YOUR board:

  • Video introducing yourself
  • Class projects or assignments
  • Your resume
  • Professional Headshot
  • Photographs by YOU
  • ANYTHING REALLY- get creative with it.