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Nasty Gal Pinterest Contest

30 Mar

I’m clearly very fond of Pinterest and all that it has to offer. So this week, when I saw a great contest idea, which used pinterest, I was extremely excited.

Nasty Gal is a women’s clothing website, with very fashion forward brands and designs. To increase awareness for their new collection, they decided to host a pinterest contest. The contest went a little something like this:

1. Pick a picture from the new Nasty Gal x MinkPINK collection

2. Create a pinterest board titled Nasty Gal x MinkPINK and upload the picture from the collections which most inspires you.

3. Create a mood board based on that picture. This mood board could include accessories you would pair with the outfit, destinations you would set up a photo-shoot, similar color items, or just anything that reminds you of the outfit.

4. Each picture in the mood board should have the tag #Nastygal #MinkPINK

5. When done, you had to submit the link to your mood board, and the results would be posted on their blog… forcing participants to follow their blog.

To take a look at my mood board, click on the following link – My Mood Board

The winner will take home the entire collection!

This was a great idea because it both created awareness for their new line of clothing, while at the same time connecting consumers to the brand in a fun and creative way. My roommates and I all participated, and had a lot of fun while doing so. I am very excited to see the mood board that wins and commend Nasty Gal on their social media efforts!