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Social Media for the Young Professional

7 Apr

Yesterday I took a seminar, hosted by Emmelie De La  Cruz, on the best social media practices for the young professional AKA me! I found the information to be very insightful, and it really gave me some ideas on what else I can be doing on the internet.

One statistic I found interesting was that “89 percent of companies used social media for recruitment in 2011”. This is a HUGE percentage and shows how vital it is to have a strong presence on all different SM platforms.

Here are some of the most crucial and through provoking things I learned in yesterdays seminar.

  1. Be mindful of WHO you’re following. It can be a good or bad reflection on your part
  2. Keep your professional picture the same across all social media platforms to establish an online presence.
  3. No one-night stands on social media. Say hello and FOLLOW UP to build lasting online relationships
  4. You can create a facebook page for your own personal brand. This can be an outlet for articles, awards, and anything else that emphasizes brand YOU!
  5. If you use the hashtag #in in your tweet, it will link to your LinkedIn — I can’t believe I didn’t know this!
  6. Think of Google + as lunch with your boss. It can be casual and fun but needs to stay professional
  7. When posting, think to yourself “does my post INSPIRE, IMPACT, or INFORM?” tweet with a purpose!
  8. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn sometimes.

I hope this help anyone who needs a little social media push!  You can also check out the hashtag #SMYP to see more tweets about the seminar.


Social Media Crazy: The Voice

7 Mar

Since The Voice’s started last April, I have been in LOVE with the show. It may sound weird, but watching The Voice genuinely makes me happy. However, I am not writing this blog post to talk about the quality of the show. What I wanted to point out is how socially driven the show is.

The Voice wins my personal award of TV show that best utilizes social media. There are so many ways the show engages its audience and makes them feel like a true community.

1. Each Judge has a Twitter and updates it regularly. They make comments about the performers and performances. They also poke fun at each other through their twitter pages. When following them, you feel like you are part of the joke.

2. ITUNES – This is HUGE. Being able to download the songs from the show makes it that much more interactive. Since the artists are actually all amazing (unlike American Idol) it is awesome to be able to download the music.

3. The Fifth Coach- If you haven’t played this game on facebook, you should. You basically take the role as the Fifth coach. You pick 12 people for your team out off all the contestants- You predict who will win each battle round/the entire show- and then you watch to see if you were right! Basically a sports bracket but for the voice.

4. #TheVoice. If you follow this hashtag during the show, you will be bombarded with tweets. So many people have so much to say and The Voice allows them to be heard through twitter.

5. Contestants each have their own twitter account, and seem to be very involved. Anthony Evans, for example, who got kicked off last night, has been engaging in conversations with many of his supporters. You wouldn’t realize how many fans he already has until you check him out on twitter.

As the teams get smaller and smaller, social media will definitely be used in more ways. I am excited to see how creative the show can get, and commend their efforts to engage with their community.

If only The Voice were on tonight…

Buying a Birthday Gift…Check Pinterest

29 Feb

So, this week I was faced with a challenge which at least somebody is faced with everyday. I needed to find someone a birthday gift. This wasn’t just anyone either, this was my brother… so it had to be a good one.

At first I considered the standard gift card, so that he could buy himself a gift, but this just seemed so impersonal for someone I’ve been so close with for the past 19 years. After thinking for a while I decided to take a shot at looking at some of his pinterest boards.

Like most people do, David (my brother) had a board titled “My Style” where he posted pictures of different clothes/shoes/accessories that he liked. After clicking on this, I was bombarded with a TON of gift options!

After browsing through a couple of different options. I finally found a pair of sunglasses that he posted, which I knew would be the perfect gift! This was an awesome and easy way to figure out exactly what to get him. I immediately went on sunglass hut, found the exact pair of Ray Ban’s and purchased them… and I even found a free one day shipping coupon on Brad’s Deals! Voila!

So, the moral of this story is that Pinterest is a great way to not only shop for yourself, but shop for someone else 🙂

Using Pinterest to Promote Your Brand!

26 Feb

Yes, Pinterest is a great way to shop online, discover cool DIY projects, and plan your ideal wedding… but what many people don’t realize is that Pinterest can be much more than that.

Why not create a pinterest board about you?

I decided to do just that, and create a Pinterest board called Samantha Grossman. It’s still a work in progress, but so far I have pinned some of the my graphic work as well as a QR code with my contact information. This is a fun and creative way to express yourself through social media.

Some other ideas of what you can pin on YOUR board:

  • Video introducing yourself
  • Class projects or assignments
  • Your resume
  • Professional Headshot
  • Photographs by YOU
  • ANYTHING REALLY- get creative with it.