Google Doppelganger

19 Apr

Google Doppelganger: When a person Google’s his or her name and finds another individual with the same name.

Have you ever checked out your Google Doppelganger? Sometimes people have horrifying results such as a drug dealers or prostitutes. Today, I have come across my Google Doppelganger. Her name is also Samantha Grossman (obviously)  and we have been sharing the first page of Google.

Surprisingly enough, we are both very similar:

  • We are both seniors in college who will be graduating next month
  • We both work for websites
  • We are both majoring in communications — I am Advertising and she is Journalism
  • We have similar twitter handles — I am @samgrossman_ and she is @sam_grossman

So, thank you Samantha Grossman. I really couldn’t have asked for a better Google Doppelganger!


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