Social Media for the Young Professional

7 Apr

Yesterday I took a seminar, hosted by Emmelie De La  Cruz, on the best social media practices for the young professional AKA me! I found the information to be very insightful, and it really gave me some ideas on what else I can be doing on the internet.

One statistic I found interesting was that “89 percent of companies used social media for recruitment in 2011”. This is a HUGE percentage and shows how vital it is to have a strong presence on all different SM platforms.

Here are some of the most crucial and through provoking things I learned in yesterdays seminar.

  1. Be mindful of WHO you’re following. It can be a good or bad reflection on your part
  2. Keep your professional picture the same across all social media platforms to establish an online presence.
  3. No one-night stands on social media. Say hello and FOLLOW UP to build lasting online relationships
  4. You can create a facebook page for your own personal brand. This can be an outlet for articles, awards, and anything else that emphasizes brand YOU!
  5. If you use the hashtag #in in your tweet, it will link to your LinkedIn — I can’t believe I didn’t know this!
  6. Think of Google + as lunch with your boss. It can be casual and fun but needs to stay professional
  7. When posting, think to yourself “does my post INSPIRE, IMPACT, or INFORM?” tweet with a purpose!
  8. Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn sometimes.

I hope this help anyone who needs a little social media push!  You can also check out the hashtag #SMYP to see more tweets about the seminar.


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