Social Media Crazy: The Voice

7 Mar

Since The Voice’s started last April, I have been in LOVE with the show. It may sound weird, but watching The Voice genuinely makes me happy. However, I am not writing this blog post to talk about the quality of the show. What I wanted to point out is how socially driven the show is.

The Voice wins my personal award of TV show that best utilizes social media. There are so many ways the show engages its audience and makes them feel like a true community.

1. Each Judge has a Twitter and updates it regularly. They make comments about the performers and performances. They also poke fun at each other through their twitter pages. When following them, you feel like you are part of the joke.

2. ITUNES – This is HUGE. Being able to download the songs from the show makes it that much more interactive. Since the artists are actually all amazing (unlike American Idol) it is awesome to be able to download the music.

3. The Fifth Coach- If you haven’t played this game on facebook, you should. You basically take the role as the Fifth coach. You pick 12 people for your team out off all the contestants- You predict who will win each battle round/the entire show- and then you watch to see if you were right! Basically a sports bracket but for the voice.

4. #TheVoice. If you follow this hashtag during the show, you will be bombarded with tweets. So many people have so much to say and The Voice allows them to be heard through twitter.

5. Contestants each have their own twitter account, and seem to be very involved. Anthony Evans, for example, who got kicked off last night, has been engaging in conversations with many of his supporters. You wouldn’t realize how many fans he already has until you check him out on twitter.

As the teams get smaller and smaller, social media will definitely be used in more ways. I am excited to see how creative the show can get, and commend their efforts to engage with their community.

If only The Voice were on tonight…


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